Air-stream cleaning that will blow you away!

The AEROMAIDTM system from FLEXOMAIDTM is uses state-of-the-art air-stream technology to provide extraordinarily efficient, non-abrasive and contact-free cleaning that is safe for all your rolls. You’ll get the peace of mind only consistently reliable results can give.

Size (Middle web)

Cleaning Length: Up to 1219 mm (48 in)
Shaft Length: Up to 1651 mm (65 in)


High-performance cleaning system

The AEROMAIDTM system with low water consumption for anilox rolls and gravure cylinders features:

Revolutionary air-stream powerhead technology,
premium anilox detergent,
innovative waste disposal system,
cutting-edge roll-cleaning software.

Enjoy customizable cleaning

In surveys, printers have told us that they need different types of roll cleaning for different situations. To meet those needs, we’ve included three customizable cleaning cycles – the express, daily and deep cycles – starting at just 8 minutes per roll!

Get uniform results

AEROMAIDTM provides the predictable, consistent cleaning results you need, regardless of the roll format, the ink type or the operator. Assisted by well-designed, built-in sensors, the user-friendly software controls every step of the process to ensure excellent cleaning quality, every time.

Meet the strictest environmental criteria

Disposing of fluid waste is a growing environmental concern for printers. Fluid waste disposal can be a major expense, limiting your profitability.



High precision cleaning

The intelligent head is the key to the AEROMAIDTM system. Equipped with an improved distance sensor, the motor detects the characteristics of the roller (diameter, length, surface) to optimize the speed of rotation and the movement of the drive head to ensure a consistent deep cleaning whatever the format of roll.


Clean better with less

AEROMAIDTM uses a sufficient amount of water and detergent to ensure optimal cleaning results - up to 100 times less water than standard systems! And a less liquid use can mean big savings!




Stop spending on fluid disposal

When you adopt FLEXOMAIDTM, you eliminate fluid waste management expenditures. An absorbent paper mat beneath the roll collects the few drops of wet residue. A specially-designed conveyor automatically displaces the paper mat a few mm (in) after every cleaning



Starting today, cleaning print rolls has become an advanced science. With the precision air-stream technology of its new AEROMAIDTM system, FLEXOMAIDTM has set a new standard for roll cleaning efficiency.

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